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PLI Proof

This document contains the details of our £10million per incident cover via MDJN.


We annually test all classes of our equipment ourselves. Brendan Luesley holds a valid level 3 certificate in ''In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment''

Method statement

We are proud of our safety record which is achieved by setting out our safe working practices.

Terms & condtions

We hope you take the time to read through this document. This is sent out with every booking for every bodies peace of mind and is signed digitally. Please click here for our Wedding Terrms & Conditions

Documents are updated annually. Last update - 1st June 2021

Update History

15th April 2019 - Annual PAT Test Documentation

5th June 2019 - Updated PLI Insurance

7th April 2020 - Annual PAT Test Documentation

17th August 2020 - Uploaded PLI Insurance

1st June 2021 - Uplodaed PAT Test Documentation

12th Sep 2021 - Upload PLI Insurance