Q) How long do you need to setup? 

Depending on which package you have booked I like to ask for 1 hour 30 minutes to set up the golden package, which gives me time to make cables look neat and tidy – no spider web nonsense. 

The silver package usually takes 30 minutes to set up but again the booking contract will ask for an hour.


Q) Do you play requests?

Yes, absolutely you and your guests are welcome to make requests in advance and on the night. Using our online music database, you can search and add songs to a playlist. If there are songs not showing on the database you can manually add these and we can source them for the night. We also have the ability to send you a unique login for your guests to add songs to your event for you to approve beforehand! Ask for more details if you have any questions. 
I do have over 15,000 songs dating back to the 1950s however it is impossible to have every song!

Q) Will you match a cheaper quotation?

We get asked this question all the time! Whilst X and Y DJ may be cheaper than me, they may not offer the high standards I strive by. Check out the reviews here on Facebook and Yell pages.

Q) Do you have all the legal certificates.

Yes, both PAT and PLI certificates. These are available to download from the documentation area on our website or click here to jump to the page. DBS certification is also available on request. If your venue requires these documents I can also send them via an email address.

Q) What music do you play?

I generally play music ranging from the ’80s to the latest chart and dance music. With daily music downloads, the latest stuff is always on hand (as long as a clean radio edit has been released!

Q) You are much cheaper than another DJ, why?

I mainly DJ for birthday parties and Weddings which are held at the weekends and evenings, therefore I hold a full-time job during the week.
The benefits to you are:

  • I charge much less than someone who has to make a living from DJ’ing at weekends as I do not have many overheads to account for.

  • My business model is robust.  I will not go out of business during a recession or downturn, as long as my main source of income does not affect me!

  • For your reassurance, I put every effort into making your evening one to remember.

Q) Will I receive a booking contract?

Yes! Every single booking comes with a digitally signed contract send via an email and is always visible in the online planning section.

Q) What equipment do you use? 

For the Platinum Package

I run a pair of active Alto TX12’s for the sound system. For the lighting, 2 x ADJ Starburst on 1m Podiums with 2 x Mega Tri Pars. A set of Freedom Sticks is used in between the gaps. I use a digital DJ System called Virtual DJ and Serato DJ as a backup.

For the Gold Package

I use a Full JBL JRX Passive system which consists of 2 Tops (JRX 115’s) and 2 Subwoofers (JRX 118’s) running through a DBX drive rack for optimum sound quality into 2 separate amplifiers. The lighting is run across a 3-meter span using bright led lighting fixtures to fill the room and dance floor. I use the same digital DJ system, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ as a backup. Venue permitting (please let us know if we are unable to use this) a Smoke / Haze machine is used to maximise the lighting effects.

For the Silver Package

I run a pair of active Alto TX12’s for the sound system and a single Chauvet DJ Gigbar 2.0 for the lighting. Again, I use the same digital DJ system, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ as a backup.

You can be assured that your entertainment is in safe hands. Please check out our reviews over at our Facebook and Yell pages if you need reassurance. I look forward to speaking with you!

Q) Have you played at ............ venue before?

I have played at well over 100 venues over the years from tiny restaurants to large venues. I can scale my disco setup to suit an intimate get together with just 12 guests, to larger venues with several hundred.
If the venue is particularly small, upstairs, or difficult to access it’s best to give me some notification so I can allow some extra time for setting up.
Before generating a quote, I try and research the venue for difficult access and the size of the room. For our popular gold package, the equipment arrives in a road trunk so if only a set of stairs is present this becomes unpractical and will generally offer the much smaller
silver package.

Q) What information do you hold about me, is my privacy safe?

Please refer to this document about the information we collect about you and how we handle this sensitive information.




Q) What package do I need?

Whilst I only generally offer the much larger Golden Package for wedding events, some venues are particularly too small so I will offer the much smaller Platinum package but we always do my research before providing the quote so I don't turn up and disappoint!

Q) My wedding is next year will you keep in contact?

Of course! Once a booking is confirmed no matter have far in advance, I always send out regular emails to keep in contact with you. Usually, emails become much more frequent at the 3-month mark with payments and planning forms to complete.

Q) Can you recommend a venue?

Whilst my list is small for recommended venues, here are a couple I have good working relations with and regularly attend weddings at.

Cricket St Thomas Golf Club

Hornsbury Mill

Q) Can you recommend a photographer?

Photography is probably the most important part of any event as these will be the memories to look back on in the future! I am constantly building new relationships with new photographers and below is a list of photographers I have a good relationship with. I have linked their websites/email for you. Please include I sent you their way!

Helen Chapman - Devon and Somerset Wedding Photography - Contact Email

Richard Howard Photography - Contact Email

Passion 4 Photos - Facebook Page

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